Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interview with Author Corey J Barnes, June 2010 Featured Author, Tribute To Male Authors

Joins us as we chat with Corey J Barnes, author of What Is This Love Thing All About and one of Sexy Ebony Book Club's June 2010 Featured Authors. Please feel free to comment on the interview. And don't forget to visit the Sexy Ebony BBW African American Book Club website for a chance to win the Corey J Barnes Prize Packet. Contest ends July 3, 2010. Visit for more information.

1)Tell us about yourself? I am just an average enough guy. I am a father, a coach, a friend, an avid sports fan, and I love to read and love good music. I enjoy participating in things helping others, particularly children and believe you should teach people how you want to be treated.

2)How long have you been writing? What drove you to pick up that pen for the first time? I have been writing for about 4 years now. I am a life long learned, so I write alot, but as it relates to writing books, it has always been a goal of mine to write a book, maybe two or three. With school and life, it just never seemed to be the right time, but a couple of years ago, I promised myself I would at least write a short story, which turned into a novel.

3)In your bio you tell readers that becoming an author and establishing CJ Publishing has fulfilled a lifelong dream. Now that your book is out there how does it feel? It almost feels surreal, like Christmas in the summertime. I still can't believe it. When people read my book and tell me that they like it, it makes me almost blush and embarrassed. I am so humbled by the entire process.

4)As a self-published author you are pretty much on your own everything from start to finish is in your hands and your responsibility. What have been some of the ups and downs of your self publishing experience? The biggest plus of being a self published author is you control the project from start to finish. You control the release date, the cover, everything. The down is that it is all on you, promotions and such. It is a cutthroat business and people that know are not always willing and wanting to share it with you.

5)This month we will be giving away a copy of your novel, What Is This Love Thing About Anyway. Please tell us a little about your novel. Why should readers buy a copy of your book today? Readers should purchase my novel so that they can get a change of pace from how most novels write about guys. In my novel, it is a mature look at how a man acts when he really likes a woman. It lets you know the chivalry is not dead and the art of the chase is still relevant in today's society. There are still good guys around who know how to handle their business.

6)Is there another book in the works? Do we have a tentative release date? Can we get a preview? Yes, I am working on the sequel as we speak. It is entitled Single For The Night. It is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2010.

7)What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a writer? The biggest challenge I have faced as a writer is finding time to just write. I am an public school administrator and also in grad school, so my time is stretched very thin. I find it hard to just have time to sit and write, that is my biggest challenge.

8)Where do you see yourself a year from now? In a year's time, I see myself with two novels out. I am hopeful to have broke through the door of this industry. I want to get my novel in the hands of the right people, as I think that once they get it, it will speak for itself.

9)What are you reading now? Who are your favorite authors? I am currently reading Sticks and Stones by Eric Pete. My favorite authors are Eric Jerome Dickey, Eric Pete, Dwayne Joseph, Omar Tyree, and Carl Weber. I also enjoy Mary Morrison. I will read just about anything though if it is interesting.

10) How can readers get in contact with you? Do you have a website? Yes, I do have a website and an email and would love to hear from you..My website is and my email address is

11)What is the one thing you would like all of your readers to know about you? One thing I would like for readers to know about me is that I am avid reader and I enjoy a good story. I am very laid back and down to earth and will respond back to any body who reaches out to me.

12) If you could tell one thing to every aspiring writer what would it be? For any aspiring author, make sure you don't lose sight of the reason why you write. I write for the love of it. I never began to do so looking to be a millionaire. I have a dream to one day sit on Oprah's couch because I have that much confidence in my writing, but if I don't, I am cool with that because that is not why I do this. You have to have love and passion, it will show up in your writing when you do and will be evident when you don't.


  1. Great interview! Look forward to reading your work.

  2. Great Interview Corey I am looking forward to "Single For The Night" That is such an interesting title. I cant wait to read. I enjoy his Debut Novel "What is this love thing all about" Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers and you Corey

    Thanks Ladies great interview and Happy reading.
    SiStar Tea
    ARC Book Club Inc.

  3. Great interview! I look forward to reading both of your novels

  4. Being a writer, is it difficult for you to reject submissions to your publishing company?